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MTW Deck Ledger Bracket – Brick

The MTW Deck Ledger Bracket™ for Brick can be utilized on structures with brick, stone, masonry and other similar veneer options as an alternate deck ledger connection.




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Strongest Bracket on the Market!

Faster Production Times

Design Flexibility

Easy to Install

MTW Deck Ledger Bracket™ for Brick

Our MTW Deck Ledger Bracket™ for brick veneers helps streamline the decking process, enhancing safety and efficiency.

The MTW Deck Ledger Bracket™ for Brick is a versatile solution that can be used as an alternative deck ledger connection on structures with brick, stone, masonry and other similar veneer options. Our MTW Deck Ledger Bracket™ – Siding can be used on structures with vinyl siding, stone, and other smaller veneer options.

Engineered with code compliance and best practices in mind, this deck ledger bracket comes with the fasteners included so it is definitely worth considering for your next remodel or new home construction project.

The MTW Deck Bracket™ for Brick is a Patented, Engineered, Tested, and Code Approved product.


Code Compliant

Fasteners Included

One or Two Ply Ledgers

Multiple Surfaces

Fire Proof

10 Year Warranty!


Tech Spec

Cold Formed Steel
10 x 4 x 10
10 lbs


This product can be used on structures with stone or masonry veneers, or structures with continuous insulation and can be used in commercial or residential applications.

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I used this on my two story brick wall deck and it was easy, strong, and the deck installer was able to finish faster than he thought.
Michael Perciscio – Homeowner

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Some of your questions answered.


We currently hold a code compliance research report that you can download on this page under the product description.

Refer to the installation instructions attached above. You can install these brackets using a range of 36″ to 96″ on center depending on the deck joist span.

No worries! This product is easy to use but if you can’t apply due to some other type of obstruction you can follow our return policy for a full refund if needed.

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