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TUFF BEAM – Structural CFS Beam

The Metwood TUFF BEAM™ is the key to expansive, unobstructed designs to create beautiful open spaces.

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Beautiful Open Spaces

Unobstructed Designs

Easily Customizeable

Flexible Designs

Metwood TUFF BEAM™ Structural CFS Beam

The Metwood TUFF BEAM™ Structural CFS Beam is a revolutionary structural beam that combines the strength and versatility of Metwood’s TUFF JOIST™ technology. Constructed by joining multiple TUFF JOIST™ units side by side, the TUFF BEAM™ offers unparalleled support for residential or commercial construction projects.

This compact beam is designed to span greater distances with fewer vertical supports, providing a seamless solution for long spans while allowing easy integration of utilities through its pre-made passages. Available in 2 ply, 3 ply, and 4 ply configurations, the TUFF BEAM™ can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your project.

With hole sizes ranging from 6″, 8″, and 10″ depending on beam depth, and the option for beams without holes for specific applications, the TUFF BEAM™ offers flexibility for a variety of uses, including headers, floor and roof girders, ridge beams, deck girders, concrete floor and deck supports, and floor truss/joist strongbacks. It can also be cambered to reduce deflection and increase load capacity.

Easily cut to length on-site with typical power tools and requiring no welding, the TUFF BEAM™ ensures a straightforward installation process with self-drilling screws. Its adaptable design allows for the easy attachment of a variety of finishing products, wood nailers, and joist hangers, providing even greater flexibility in construction.

Choose the Metwood TUFF BEAM™ for a strong, versatile, and easy-to-install solution for your next construction project.

You can download the product brochure below and you can check out the other Metwood Building Solutions TUFF products; TUFF JOIST™ Floor Joist SystemTUFF FLOORS™ Suspended Concrete Floors, TUFF DECK™, and RIM BEAM™.


Cut with Typical Tools

No Welding Needed

Can be Cambered

Sold in 2 foot Increments

No Shrinking, Swelling, Twisting or Rotting!

Tech Spec

Multiple Point Loads
Pre-Punched Holes


Where open spaces are necessary or desired or where strength and minimal deflection is required.

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My customer had a bridge spanning a creek in his yard that was rotting away. I used the Metwood Tuff Beam for my deck support and the job came out beautiful. Plus I have a very happy customer who knows his bridge will last forever.
Roger Anderson – Fox Hunt Renovations

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TUFF BEAM™ is very versatile and you would be amazed at some of the places contractors have been able to use it. Feel free to call a product specialist at (540) 334-4294 and we can talk through your situation to see if we can help solve it for you.


All the TUFF line Metwood products can be used as a single system.

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