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Remove the need for headers above windows and doors while being more energy-efficient.

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Better Energy Envelope

Faster Framing

LEED Award Credits

70% Recycled Steel

Metwood RIM BEAM™

The Metwood RIM BEAM™ is a revolutionary solution for builders, designed to increase the energy envelope efficiency of buildings by eliminating the need for headers above window and door openings. This design allows for insulation to replace the conventional CFS Header, significantly improving resistance to heat flow and potentially earning LEED credits for framing efficiency.

They address common framing challenges such as varying depths for different openings, the need for special order, multi-ply, heavier gauges to carry loads, and the requirement for in-line framing which typically adds time and materials.

The Metwood RIM BEAM™ streamlines the framing process, making cripples uniformly sized, removing the necessity for multiple jack studs, and doing away with the material and labor involved in building and installing specified headers. They also simplify floor framing by using a clip or hanger for attachment instead of track and stiffeners.

Additionally, Metwood RIM BEAM™ can be fabricated up to 30 feet in length, reducing the need for splices, and they eliminate the requirement for rim track and the need to align joists directly over studs, making the fastening process more straightforward.

You can download the product brochure below and you can check out the other Metwood Building Solutions TUFF products; TUFF JOIST™ Floor Joist SystemTUFF FLOORS™ Suspended Concrete Floors, TUFF DECK™, and TUFF BEAM+™ Structural CFS.


Easier Fastening

Joints not required to sit over studs

Cripples are the same length

Eliminates the need for multiple Jack studs

Eliminates the need for headers

Tech Spec

Up to 30 feet!
70% or more recycled material
Clips or Hangers


Metwood RIM BEAM™ can be used in multiple applications commercial or residential.

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Easy to install, saves on material costs, and gives us the strength we need to create some amazing spaces.
Chris Green – Architect

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