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TUFF DECK – Suspended Concrete Decks

Simplifying Deck Installation with Concrete Strength and Enormous Flexibility.

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Metwood TUFF DECK™ Suspended Concrete Decks

TUFF DECK™ – Suspended Concrete Decks is a game-changer in deck construction, offering the solid feel and security of concrete with the added benefit of being exceptionally installer-friendly. It’s designed to seamlessly accommodate any handrail or ceiling finish, and it’s also ready for radiant heating systems, making it a versatile choice for a variety of projects.

The real beauty of TUFF DECK™ lies in its quick and flexible support system. Compatible with metal decking, it provides robust concrete support while being surprisingly lightweight. This means faster, more efficient installations, reducing time and effort on the job.

Customization is effortless with TUFF DECK™. The accompanying TUFF JOIST+™ and TUFF BEAM™ can be easily trimmed on-site to your specific needs. And the best part? There’s no need for welding. These components can be installed swiftly using screws, simplifying the process and ensuring a secure fit every time.

Beyond its practical advantages, TUFF DECK™ opens up a world of design possibilities for concrete decks. Whether you’re aiming for a particular hand railing look or an aesthetic floor treatment, TUFF DECK™ is adaptable. You can choose from wood, ceramic tile, decorative concrete, or wood flooring materials to achieve the desired appearance.

With TUFF DECK™, the design options are endless, allowing you to create decks that are not only strong and easy to install but also visually stunning.

TUFF DECK™ is the ideal solution for contractors seeking a blend of strength, ease of installation, and design flexibility in their decking projects.

You can download the product brochure below and you can check out the other Metwood Building Solutions TUFF line of products; TUFF BEAM™ Structural CFS Beam, TUFF JOIST+™ Floor Joist System, RIM BEAM™, and TUFF FLOOR™ – Suspended Concrete Floors


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TUFF DECK™ is a flexible concrete deck system with the flexibility to use any handrail, ceiling finish, or floor and it’s suitable for radiant heating systems.

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We were able to do things with our backyard deck we never dreamed of. We had a large party recently and everyone commented about how beautiful the deck was with the wrought iron railings – our family and friends loved it!
Michael & Patty – Homeowners

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