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Trimmable Square Columns

Versatile structural support columns designed for better strength and efficiency.

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Simple Installation

Easily Cut On Site

Stronger Support


Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™

Metwood SQUARE COLUMNS™ are versatile structural support columns particularly compatible with TUFF BEAM+™ Structural CFS Beam, TUFF FLOOR™ Suspended Concrete Floor, and TUFF DECK™ products.

Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™ are the ideal support solution for builders, offering unmatched versatility and strength. They offer a significant advantage over traditional round columns due to their higher strength-to-weight ratio, enhancing support and efficiency.

These columns are also designed for ease of installation, as they can be cut to size on-site with a reciprocating saw, abrasive blade, or hacksaw nd assembled quickly using self-drilling screws. Additionally, their square shape facilitates more convenient attachment of finishing materials, all at a cost comparable to round columns, making them a practical and effective solution for builders.

In addition to their structural benefits, SQUARE COLUMNS™ are incredibly builder-friendly when it comes to installation. They are a core component in both TUFF FLOOR™ Suspended Concrete Floor and TUFF DECK™ products, demonstrating their adaptability in various construction scenarios plus the 3 inch square columns fit inside a standard 2 x 4 framed wall and are perfect for supports and wall stiffeners.

Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™ are priced competitively with round columns, offering better value with their enhanced features.

You can download the product brochure, take a look at the column installation instructions, or browse through the engineers report below. Plus you can check out the other Metwood Building Solutions TUFF line of products; TUFF BEAM™ Structural CFS BeamTUFF JOIST+™ Floor Joist System, RIM BEAM™, TUFF DECK™, and TUFF FLOOR™ – Suspended Concrete Floors


9', 10', 12', and custom length

Corrosion Protection

Lighter Gauge

No welding required


Commercial and Residential

Utilized for Shoring Alternative

Green Building Product

Tech Spec

17K to 29K
9 foot, 10 foot, or 12 foot, + Custom
End Plates


Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™ are a perfect match for TUFF BEAM+™ Structural CFS Beam, but the fact is they’ll support just about anything. Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™ are used in both TUFF FLOOR™ Suspended Concrete Floor and TUFF DECK™ products.

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Huge difference from the round columns we’re used to. So much easier to attach the framing for our basement remodels.
John LaRowe – Remodeler

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Metwood can help with any customizations of our Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™. Feel free to call a column specialist at (540) 334-4294 and we can talk through your application to see if we can help solve your column needs.


The Metwood Trimmable SQUARE COLUMNS™ are stand-alone products that can be installed in a variety of applications. Feel free to call a column specialist at (540) 334-4294 and we can talk through your application to see if we can help solve your column needs.

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